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A Week of Thankfulness

November 18, 2012

So obviously I haven’t blogged much lately. I was sweeping the floor a few minutes ago (exciting, right?) and figured I would challenge myself to write a blog each day and talk about something for which I’m thankful. I haven’t participated in the “Month of Thankfulness” Meme on Facebook, but I have been thinking about things and ways I have been blessed.
Let me be trite for my first day: I am thankful for my family. (I know, I know, real original.) Let me be a bit more specific. My husband, That Daddy, is an awesome partner. I can’t imagine my life without him and I’m glad I don’t have to. I have known him for over 17 years now and he makes me a better person. We have deep conversations and talk about everything. He’s also really good looking. (I can feel your eyes rolling.)
Our kids, H Money and Deuce, are also flipping sweet. H Money loves so purely and with such sincerity. He has taught me to be a better mom and to be more selfless. Deuce is so funny. He’s just starting to get silly (he gets that from me) and ornery (he gets that from his daddy). I love seeing his personality develop.
The rest of my family is wonderful as well. You may occasionally hear me say that my family is crazy, but please know that I mean that in a wonderful way. We’re not scary crazy, we’re fun crazy. Unfortunately I’ll be seeing some of my family soon for a funeral/celebration of life. Part of me is really sad because my Grandpa was a great man. The other part of me is really excited to get to see almost all of my cousins and to see my aunts. It’s going to be crazy and sad and lots of fun.
Anyway, today I’m thankful for my family.

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