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Lavender Essential Oil FTW!

September 24, 2012

In my quest to learn more about homeopathy I’ve started to learn more about essential oils. The skeptic in me thinks that using oils for won’t do anything, but so far I’ve been proven wrong. I have a book titled Modern Essentials that I refer to when some new ailment presents itself and then we try the oil as prescribed and wait for results. How has it worked? Surprisingly well.
I have pretty bad allergies but was fortunate to experience a reprieve while pregnant with Deuce. Now that Fall has arrived they’ve come back full force. Modern Essentials recommends lavender essential oil taken internally for allergies. I was reluctant until the sneezing, water eyes and runny nose got the better of me and I was willing to deal with the lavender taste in my mouth. The results? It works. When my nose starts running or my eyes start to water or the sneezes start I put a bit of lavender essential oil under my tongue. Sometimes (like early this morning) it took more than one application, but I think that’s because I ignored the symptoms in hope of falling back asleep. My bottle of lavender now travels with me upstairs for bed so I have it available to use in the middle of the night. I even have a tiny bottle decanted to keep with me when I’m out. I like being able to take something I know is safe while I’m breastfeeding Deuce (and it doesn’t potentially affect my body’s milk production).
For the record, most of the essential oils I use are doTerra brand. They’re one of a few companies that has more stringent testing on their oil quality. Feel free to check them out: doTerra!

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