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A Tip from Dale Carnegie

September 21, 2012

Yesterday when I updated my 33 by 33 list I mentioned that I chose How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie as my choice for my 2nd classic book. The book comes with an introduction that outlines how to read the book to be absorb the information in it. It recommends reading each chapter twice, skimming the chapter quickly the first time and then reading it in depth the second time. I’m not really good at skimming, so I’m just reading each chapter twice. I’m currently on my second read of chapter 1 and have already hit something that I feel like I need to share with EVERYONE. Here it is: Father Forgets.
Even on days when I get frustrated as a parent I try to remember that my kids are acting the way they’re supposed to. Often their actions are developmentally appropriate (though maybe not socially acceptable). When I remember that Deuce is merely exploring as he empties a cabinet, parenting him through it is easier. Not easy, just easier. When H Money is crying and I can’t figure out why I remind myself that crying is one of the few ways he can communicate and it makes parenting him through it (and trying to figure out what is going on) easier. Easy? No. Easier.
What do you think?

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