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Progress Update

July 15, 2012

Updates and such…

1. Dye a blue streak in my hair.
Nope. I’m due for a cut and am trying to decide where the streak should go. I’m considering the front or just a random streak or two. What do you think?
2. Lose 1 pants size.
I think I’m getting closer, but I haven’t tried on my smaller pants in a while. I am currently wearing a size large skirt and it is a bit loose.
3. Fit into my wedding dress.
I pulled it out last night and it doesn’t fit. Yet.
4. Become proficient at back wrapping Deuce.
I suppose I could cross this off as I back wrapped Deuce at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, but I still don’t feel proficient. Closer, though.
5. Renew my teaching certification.
6. Go to a Ranger’s game in Arlington.
Right now we’re planning to go to a Ranger’s game when we’re visiting family in Kansas City. We may skip the game in Arlington, but I’d like to go to 2.
7. Get the office organized and keep it that way.
I haven’t done much in there lately. In fact, I may have made the mess a bit worse.
8. Decorate our bedroom.
I should go take a picture, but we did have some window coverings. We had family visiting and H Money slept in our room and thus we hung blankets over the windows to make it darker for him. I wouldn’t call it decorating, but I did do something in there.
9. Finish the wall hanging I started for That Daddy in 2007.
10. Learn the correct lyrics to Love Me Tender
In progress, but I still mix up the verses.
11. Learn more about homeopathy.
In progress. I am always learning about homeopathy as things arise at home where we could use it.
12. Donate at least 100 ounces of breast milk to the Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas.
13. Clean my side of the closet.
I’ve done one section of it, but I need to photograph stuff and get it gone!
14. Donate at least 33 items to Goodwill or a similar charity.
The donate pile has been moved to a donate box and we’re reaching 33 items (though I’ll gladly go over if we find more junk).
15. Get a new tattoo.
I talked to an artist about designing it for me. Now I just need to e-mail her my inspiration images.
16. Plant our garden earlier next Spring.
Obviously not.
17. Read at least 2 classic books.
Half way! I finished Swiss Family Robinson over a week ago. It was good, but long. I’m now reading Tom Sawyer when I get the time.
18. Learn how to can fruits/veggies/etc and can something successfully.
Nothing yet.
19. Volunteer at H Money’s school at least once.
It’s summer.
20. Barter for a service or a product of some sort.
Not yet!
21. Sell some of my sewing/craftings.
22. Make Deuce a quilt.
23. Write monthly love notes to my 3 “boys” (that includes That Daddy).
I need to pull out their notebooks and take care of my July entry.
24. Journal for myself.
I need to pull my journal back out and do some writing.
25. Send cards or call on all family birthdays.
July cards are done (some sent, some not). The first card sent arrived late, but the others are ready and waiting. Maybe by next June I’ll be on top of birthdays!
26. Make all cards by hand or use cards that we currently own (except the picture Christmas card, possibly).
Doing it.
27. Make homemade coconut ice cream that tastes good.
28. Read at least 1 book (or 1 chapter from a longer book) to my boys every day.
It doesn’t happen every day, but this has made me more mindful of reading to them.
29. Help the shoes that are too small find new homes (sell, give to family/friends or donate).
Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.
30. Participate in both Just Between Friends sales as a consignor to get rid of stuff and to get into the sale early.
They just opened their new site so I can start tagging stuff early. I even sorted the smaller clothes as I pulled them out for Deuce. I need to get the pile prepped.
31. Ditch DirecTV.
Slight change of plans. We were going to ditch them in July but we plan to wait until after the Olympics are over.
32. Make 1 completed quilt for Project Linus.
Not yet.
33. Journal/blog about the process of completing 33 by 33.
Obviously I’m doing this.

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