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July 14, 2012

Today is the 7 year anniversary of my dad passing away. I miss him a lot. The first few years were tough when we came around to July 14, but since we’ve had kids it’s been tougher. Both That Daddy’s dad and my dad passed away before we had kids. It’s something we think about occasionally (or choose not to think about depending on how we feel). Our fathers were both wonderful men. Of course they had their flaws (who doesn’t?), but it’s sad that our boys won’t ever know either of their grandfathers in person. We do our best to tell our boys (even though they’re small) about our dads whenever it’s appropriate.
In previous years That Daddy and I would celebrate my dad (both on his birthday and his date of death) by eating seafood and ice cream. This year we’re going a different route as I have developed a shellfish allergy and we’re dairy free. This year we’re going to drink madras’ tonight when That Daddy gets home from work. Why? That was one of the mixed drinks that my dad would make for me.
I also celebrated my dad last night by washing That Daddy’s styrofoam cup. You probably think I’m crazy, but whatever. Why did I do that? My dad always insisted that we keep our styrofoam cups to reuse them because they were perfectly good. It’s one of those random memories that makes me laugh when I think about him (and a story I’m sure our boys will hear in the future). There’s only one so That Daddy and I are going to have to share it when we have our madras tonight.

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