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Progress Report #1

June 11, 2012

I decided to get a bit of a jump start on my 33 by 33 list even thought I don’t technically turn 32 until Wednesday. I’ll give a brief progress report of the sections I’m currently working on:

1. Dye a blue streak in my hair.
Hasn’t happened yet. I do have a friend that wants to dye her hair so we may have a dyeing party.
2. Lose 1 pants size.
In progress! I’m currently 20ish pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Deuce and got my incisional hernia fixed almost 2 weeks ago. I have “progress clothes” that I keep trying on as I lose weight to see where I am. The next size down pants will button, but not comfortably. I am having issues with some of my skirts (my go-to in the summer as I’m not a fan of shorts) being too big. I’m hoping I’ll get down to the next size and am able to find some decent, cute (cheap) clothes as I don’t plan to stop at just 1 size.
3. Fit into my wedding dress.
I should try it on. My body is completely different now that I’ve had 2 kids so it would be interesting to see how it fits.
4. Become proficient at back wrapping Deuce.
I need to practice with a spotter.
5. Renew my teaching certification.
I have plans for it, I’m just waiting for some other stuff to get done first.
6. Go to a Ranger’s game in Arlington.
Our plan is to go in September for our 9th anniversary. We should probably commit to a date and buy tickets now.
7. Get the office organized and keep it that way.
In progress! When That Daddy is home I will set the timer for 15 minutes and work without interruptions. I really just need to spend some time one the desk and get those papers filed.
8. Decorate our bedroom.
Haven’t touched yet. I’ve thought about it, though.
9. Finish the wall hanging I started for That Daddy in 2007.
See #8’s explanation.
10. Learn the correct lyrics to Love Me Tender
Not yet. I need to print them off so I can practice.
11. Learn more about homeopathy.
In the works! The Texas La Leche League conference is coming up at the end of this month and one of the speakers will be talking about breastfeeding and homeopathy/herbal remedies. I’m stoked.
12. Donate at least 100 ounces of breast milk to the North Texas Milk Bank.
I have a bunch in the freezer but I need to actually contact the NTMB.
13. Clean my side of the closet.
Not yet.
14. Donate at least 33 items to Goodwill or a similar charity.
This will coincide with #13.
15. Get a new tattoo.
I’m thinking about what I want and placement. I need to speak with someone to design it.
16. Plant our garden earlier next Spring.
Obviously I haven’t done this yet.
17. Read at least 2 classic books.
I downloaded a bunch of classics to my Kindle last week. I started The Swiss Family Robinson, but I’m still at the beginning.
18. Learn how to can fruits/veggies/etc and can something successfully.
Haven’t touched it yet. I need to get canning supplies and do some research.
19. Volunteer at H Money’s school at least once.
It’s summer. When he goes back in August I’ll fill out the background check paperwork.
20. Barter for a service or a product of some sort.
I have some ideas for this! Now to talk with the person I want to barter with and see if we can work something out!
21. Sell some of my sewing/craftings.
Haven’t done anything just yet.
22. Make Deuce a quilt.
Not yet.
23. Write monthly love notes to my 3 “boys” (that includes That Daddy).
June is completed! I printed out a calendar to keep track of this, reading to the boys daily and birthday cards.
24. Journal for myself.
I have started. It was refreshing and mind clearing.
25. Send cards or call on all family birthdays.
June is done! I found a stash of birthday cards I had bought a long time ago that I’ll be using up over the next few months.
26. Make all cards by hand or use cards that we currently own (except the picture Christmas card, possibly).
In progress! I need to see what cards will need to be made (or repurpose the cards we currently have) for the upcoming months and put them on my to-do list.
27. Make homemade coconut ice cream that tastes good.
We have a couple of recipes to try but haven’t made them yet.
28. Read at least 1 book (or 1 chapter from a longer book) to my boys every day.
I was doing great until yesterday and I missed it! Fortunately I’m giving myself some grace as I’m not 32 yet.
29. Help the shoes that are too small find new homes (sell, give to family/friends or donate).
I need to get to work on this. It’ll help with #13 and #14.
30. Participate in both Just Between Friends sales as a consignor to get rid of stuff and to get into the sale early.
I should get my stuff ready for the Fall sale so I can start tagging when the site is ready.
31. Ditch DirecTV.
This will happen in July.
32. Make 1 completed quilt for Project Linus.
Haven’t touched this yet.
33. Journal/blog about the process of completing 33 by 33.
In progress (obviously).

So, I feel good about my progress. Over the next week I want to start to deal with the shoes I own that are too small. Working through those will help with a couple of things on my list and I like the idea of killing 2 (or 3) birds with one stone.

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