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November 24, 2011

I’m well overdue for a blog post (sorry about that, I’ll make up a lame excuse later) and I figured that today would be an appropriate time to list everything for which I am thankful (or at least the things I can remember).  Please know that these aren’t in an specific order and I’m sure I’ll need to add to the list about 5 seconds after I hit the “Publish Post” button.  It’s the reality of being pregnant and forgetful.


I am thankful for:

-My family.  I am married to an amazing man and have an awesome son.  Sometime in the next 2 months we’ll be adding another to our crew of awesomeness.  It’s exciting and scary to think about.

-All of my other family.  My parents weren’t perfect (whose were?), but I learned so much from my dad and am still learning from my mom.  I’m very lucky.  I have awesome extended family and am fortunate to be related to so many crazy awesome people.  I’ve got pretty sweet in-laws, too.  I’ve been so blessed to be added to their family without any sort of question (though they do think I’m weird because I don’t like ham).

-H Money’s therapists.  If I were actually ranking this list, I would definitely have these ladies up at the top like they are.  They’re a wealth of knowledge, they love on my kid and they have helped him grow so strong (and have helped That Daddy and I learn how to best help H Money).  The therapy techs that work with them are included in this list because they help distract H Money which in turn helps him work harder. 

-Our friends.  That Daddy and I truly believe (based on experience) that it takes a good year to start to get to know people when you move to a new place.  It’s true.  This February will be our 2 year anniversary in Texas and we are starting to build some great friendships. Of course we are also blessed to have friends all across the country as well…we just wish that they lived closer.

-That Daddy’s job.  I often am frustrated with how much That Daddy works, but he does get a decent amount of time off and his job allows me to stay home.  Add in the benefits (good health insurance) and we’re really quite blessed. 

-Our neighbors.  Not only are they great neighbors, but Mrs. Neighbor has also watched H Money during my group midwife appointments (Centering).  She’s fabulous with H Money.

-Our doula (trained labor support).  We only met because of a “divine appointment” (as my sister would say), but she has been a great support to both That Daddy and I in this pregnancy.  It’s great to be able to chat with her after appointments and have someone “birthy” to talk to.

-The midwife group I’m seeing for this pregnancy and Centering.  Centering is actually a curriculum-based group appointment program for pregnant women and their partners.  We have met a lot of people this way and it was a great change of pace from the appointments we had during H Money’s pregnancy.  The midwife group is very VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) friendly and have been a great support as well.

-H Money’s doctors.  I don’t love all of them and we’ve fired one this year (and another 2 are on the chopping block), but overall he has a great support team.  It’s nice seeing doctors that are all associated with the same children’s hospital and the hospital itself is awesome.

-Dr. T.  Dr. T was H Money’s neurosurgeon when we lived in Georgia.  We miss him so much but were fortunate enough to see him this summer.  I tried to convince him to move to Texas and he rolled his eyes at me.  Maybe some day he’ll reconsider.

-La Leche League.  LLL has become one of the things that I’m involved with for me.  H Money goes with me to meetings, but it’s totally a benefit for me.  I get to be around other moms and help people.  It was one of the first social things I did after we moved to Texas and I’m still so thankful for the women I have met through LLL>

-Our church.  It’s not perfect, but we don’t expect it to be.  The nursery workers love H Money and are great with him and the services are great.  I’m also a huge fan of being able to go to church in the evening because that means That Daddy is usually able to join us.

-Grace.  Not to get all religious on you, but I’m really thankful for the grace that God has extended to us.  I’m also thankful when the people around me give me grace when I screw up (which happens regularly). 

And now I’m starting to draw blanks.  There are many things I’m thankful for that I’m sure didn’t make this list because I forgot them.  It wasn’t intentional, my memory is just horrible.  I’m hoping it’ll return or I’ll learn to cope after Deuce (Baby #2) arrives.  Hopefully.

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