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Concert Tickets

April 17, 2011

I have wanted to go see Jimmy Buffett in concert for a long, long time. Last May his tour came through our area and I pestered That Daddy about getting tickets for my birthday (mid June). Unfortunately he had to go out of town for training the week of the concert so I was out of luck. Yesterday, while listening to Radio Margaritaville on XM, I remembered all of that and figured I should check and see if Jimmy Buffett is coming back this May. He is! The date of the concert falls at a good time for us and I told That Daddy that the tickets could be my Mother’s Day and Birthday gifts. Then I came into the office and picked out seats in a section that was decent and fell into our price range. All was going well until I hit the page that had the total. The tickets were $75ish a piece (not too bad) but then the ticket company was going to charge an additional $15 per ticket and another $15 nuisance fee on top of that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Jimmy Buffett’s music. A lot. But, on principle, I am not going to pay an additional $45 to order tickets online. Not going to happen. I told That Daddy we could put in some Jimmy Buffett CDs (or I guess que up the play list on the iPod) and have a margarita at home and save the money for something else.

A bit of That Daddy and That Mama history: We got engaged while visiting my Dad in Georgia (we moved there a few months later). We went to dinner to celebrate with my Dad, Stepmother and my Stepsister and her family. My Stepsister had the band play Margaritaville for That Daddy and I to celebrate our engagement.

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