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Tim Shriver

March 31, 2011

Last night Tim Shriver, the CEO of The Special Olympics, was on The Colbert Report talking about ending the use of “The R Word”. It was a great interview and he handled it beautifully. I know that Colbert’s show revolved around comedy, but I want to address Colbert’s explanation that people used it as a way to distance themselves from the fear of difference (to keep it simple and not fully quote him). I understand what he was saying. Prior to finding out about H Money’s “issues” (I don’t even know a good word to use) all we wanted was to know that the ultrasounds looked “normal” and “healthy”. While watching the clip I actually told the TV that for some of us, it is OUR kid who is different. It is our reality. It is.
Here’s the clip:

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Tim Shriver
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Will you work to change our future and help end the use of “The R Word”?

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